Experience Power Without Pain

Experience Power Without Pain

As a company, we strongly value customer feedback, applying it directly to our product development. We sat down to interview retired construction worker, Tatiana Aguirre, to hear about her experience with EksoZeroG.

What is your construction background?

“I’ve done a variety of things, electrical, dry wall, framework, laying water lines, masonry, landscaping and just about every corner of construction.”

How is the learning curve?

“Set up is easy, you can focus on your safety and work, something that has always been hard to balance in the construction industry. Once you get it adjusted for the range of motion and the weight of the tool, it isn’t anything, it isn’t even work anymore. Not having to fight the weight of the tool was unreal. It’s something I haven’t experienced before, I didn’t think it was possible. It was so much easier, like gliding. In the construction world it’s probably like flying for the first time, like Wonder Woman.”

What was it like using EksoZeroG?

“When drilling without EksoZeroG I felt like there was a lot of pain that I had in my back, it started getting hard to breathe, I knew I was hot. When I started using EksoZeroG, I forgot it was even hot outside (115 F). The pain immediately alleviated, and it was just so easy to use. The only thing I would have to get used to is defying gravity!”

Were you able to work longer with the EksoZeroG?

“Yes, I felt like I could go a lot longer with it. There was no pressure on my back. The only motion I really had to do was drilling the hole going forward, it got the work done faster and I was able to concentrate where I was aiming next.”

Are you in construction anymore?

“Construction is in my blood. My whole family has always been in construction but a lot of them don’t do it anymore because of the strain it puts on your body. I got out at a really young age because it was something I didn’t want to put my body through anymore. I think about how hard my brother and my dad, who are still in the construction industry, work and it’s killing their bodies. My brother’s body has probably aged more than mine has and he’s only 19.”

What could this product mean to your family?

“The slogan ‘power without pain’ is completely accurate. This would really help my family a lot. Just imagining how this product could ease the physical labor of their job is unbelievable. I have a lot of family and friends in the construction industry. It’s like by the time they’re 45, they’ve already completely lived their lives. They’re already so fatigued and weighted, that it’s sad and now there is a product like that this that can change so much of that.”

Check out Tatiana trying out EksoZeroG in the video below.

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