Industries That Need to Invest in the Exoskeleton

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Exoskeleton technology is an up-and-coming field that has already helped thousands of individuals across the globe. Thanks to the research and developments at Ekso Bionics, wearers of these vests and robots have newfound mobility that can help in all sorts of areas. Whether you are recovering from an injury or working to prevent one, there are countless ways exoskeletons can help improve your life and your industry.

Of course, new robotics and exoskeletons aren’t an investment you can take lightly. They are just that, an investment. It is important that you know what you’re getting yourself into before you jump in. Overall a robot exoskeleton helps the wearer increase their mobility after paralysis, give extra power to certain limbs, increase endurance, help with fatigue from repetitive movement, and aid in heavy lifting. Power exoskeletons can help all kinds of professionals from physical therapists to warehouse foremen. Understanding the logistics is the first step to deciding if exoskeletons have industry applications you can benefit from. Here are a few of the industries we believe need access to exoskeletons to help with their work and will benefit the most from the assistance.


While there are a lot of different branches and areas of healthcare that we will get into in a moment, there are general applications for exoskeletons and Ekso bionics within hospitals and clinics. Medical exoskeletons are great in clinical settings. The biggest example is for stroke victims that are relearning how to walk with a natural gait without a crutch. The exoskeleton has sensors that can connect to your spinal cord, knee joint, ankle joint, waist, or thighs. Because our wearable robotic exoskeletons come in different shapes and sizes, clinicians can adjust the assistive device to aid patients in different ways. This clinical setting provides actual results for stroke victims, individuals dealing with a loss of mobility, or those in rehabilitation from surgery. It is a new way to give care to patients without discomfort by allowing them a sense of freedom with lightweight designs and personalized assistive devices.

Physical Therapy

Out of all the clinicians who will benefit from a bionic exoskeleton, physical therapists have more opportunities than anyone else. Patients in physical therapy are working to loosen joints, recover from athletic or workplace injuries, or just going through neurorehabilitation. Physical therapists can combine exercises with exoskeleton technology to provide actual results for their patient progress. Rehabilitation devices and robotic technology help patients get back to their normal mobility and joint flexibility in no time because the wearable robot can challenge patients without causing overexertion. Whether it is for personal use or clinical trials, this technology can clearly benefit rehabilitation centers and the world of physical therapy.

Disability Management

Innovative technology from the industry leaders is creating progress and going beyond what was previously thought possible. For individuals with a disability, spinal cord injury patients, or wheelchair users, walking or standing on their own may seem like a distant memory. But thanks to exoskeletons, disabled patients may actually get the chance to return to activities of daily living. Strapped into an exoskeleton robot, these individuals can remain in a stand position or even start taking a few steps. By helping the lower limbs function and connect with the spinal cord, these individuals can make progress toward regaining some degree of freedom. While there are still uncertainties and each case of a spinal cord injury is different, this is a huge step in the right direction for disability management and motor function. Progress in these human capabilities can lead to a better quality of life for patients.


Switching gears from injury management to injury prevention leads us to many other industries that can benefit from a robotic exoskeleton. One of the first areas is on a construction job site. Construction workers are tasked with doing continuous, draining physical labor. They are expected to move heavy pieces of rubble, hammer away for hours, and stay on their feet for an entire shift. The body is only built to withstand so much and can easily get fatigued over time. Wearable robotics are lightweight and can provide support to construction workers during heavy lifting and repetitive movements. This will aid productivity in the overall site and prevent injury. Lower the time it takes to finish a task by providing your workers with an extra power source and much-needed strength. You can see improvements in real-time and help guarantee your team does not get overworked.

Warehouse Work

Similar to construction, warehouse work and distribution is an industry that Ekso bionics was specifically designed for. This field revolves around constantly carrying and moving heavy loads. Do not let your employees break their back spending the whole shift in an industrial setting with no assistance. Utilize the help of Ekso to adopt wearable vests or exoskeletons that help give extra strength in these situations. A partnership with Ekso will show your employees that you have their back. You want to reduce the number of risks within a warehouse setting. Rather than letting people overexert themselves or do repetitive movements with no reprieve, give them a tool that will make all those tasks easier on the body.

Repetitive Jobs with Heavy Loads

While industrial settings like construction sites and warehouses benefit most from such devices, other fields involve repetitive movement and heavy lifting that will benefit from exoskeleton technology. Any time you are putting the body in a strenuous position, it can be useful to rely on an exoskeleton robot to help you. It lowers risks and helps productivity in many different ways. If these tasks are involved in your industry, this may be a good solution for you.

Whether you are using exoskeletons for clinical use or within the workplace, you are sure to enjoy the benefits of this innovative, new technology. Trust Ekso Bionics to get your industry where it needs to go with advanced software and a human touch. We can’t wait to help you with whatever you may need.