Preventing Injury with Robotics: EVO

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When you think of robotics, you probably picture a free-roaming robot that helps you with your household chores. While that may have been the picture old Sci-Fi movies painted, modern applications of robotic technology are actually much cooler and more practical. At Ekso Bionics, our scientists and technicians work tirelessly to create exoskeleton technology with industrial applications that stretch the limits of human capabilities.

A wearable robot gives you new comfort and abilities while performing repetitive tasks without limitations. Industrial workers can improve their endurance and get actual results without worrying about worker fatigue. Our commitment is to help job sites become safer and more efficient. Ekso Bionics has seen actual results when it comes to alleviating the risks of workplace injuries. We are proud to be an industry leader and leading developer of exoskeleton solutions. Your business matters to you, so your industrial workers matter to us. Here are just a few ways our revolutionary EVO design can help reduce the number of risks within your industrial workplace.

The Evolution of EVO

EVO is a new vest that is designed to provide power without any pain. This design is not our first iteration of innovative wearable robots. The EksoVest was our first vest designed for industrial use. After years in the field, we gained tremendous insights into how we could make it better. By fixing uncertainties and making the product more durable, EVO is shaping the evolution of industrial exoskeletons. With enhanced comfort, reduced heat, and increased flexibility, these new features are ready to prevent muscle strain, overexertion, and fatigue.

It helps with heavy lifting.

Normally, industrial workers need to be tough and strong because their job revolves around heavy-lifting and ruggedness. However, if you spend your day lifting incorrectly or hoisting heavy objects above your head, this can be a leading cause of back or shoulder injuries. That’s where Ekso EVO comes in. By strapping on this exoskeleton, your overhead work becomes a breeze. You aren’t responsible for taking all the weight any more thanks to this technology solution that helps bear the weight. Sharing the load is a programmatic solution to reduce your risk of serious injuries.

It cuts down on fatigue.

Workdays can easily get repetitive and tiring. When you’re constantly using the same muscles, they can undergo general wear and tear. The burden of repetitive work leads to higher risks for work-related injuries. When you get tired or fatigued, you just don’t work as effectively, and you may lose focus on your company’s operations. The next step is finding a solution to help you feel less fatigued and increase your endurance. An EVO device works with the natural movement of the body to help with your day-to-day use. This way, you aren’t causing extra strain on certain joints that you’re working all day. The exoskeleton gives you an added boost when you need it most and is almost like a crutch to help you get through all your projects.

Works smarter, not harder.

Some global manufacturing companies may think they can operate without the added assistance, but the point is, you don’t have to. Every workplace has a number of injury risks, even for the most skilled workers. The result of these risks can be a serious injury which will be seen as your company’s failure. Instead of waiting a significant length of time hoping disruptions never occur, start working smarter now.

EVO, along with our other additional technology and exoskeleton solutions, prioritizes working smarter, not harder. Because these vests offer a wide range of movement that goes with your natural joints and muscles, it simply acts as an aid. With an unrestricted range of motion, you can operate as normal, just with a buffer to help you carry the load. This allows your body to operate the way it’s supposed to, so you don’t put added strain on your muscles and joints.

Lightweight solutions work with you, not against you.

Past upper-body exoskeleton devices offered results but could be cumbersome and uncomfortable for the wearer. These devices are supposed to help you with your work, not be a heavy load itself. The new EVO design is the ideal solution. More lightweight than ever, EVO shows a commitment to work with you instead of causing an extra burden. The flexibility also boasts an unrestricted range of motion without any hassle. Our design is created to withstand the test of time. Even after millions of cycles and movements, the device architecture will remain intact. EVO’s novel design took the adverse results from its predecessor and now offers a better user experience.

It offers support to past injuries.

While you’re working to reduce the number of workplace injuries at your company’s supply chain, you can’t go back in time to stop any past injuries your workers have endured. If you have team members with trouble areas from past injuries at other companies, EVO can help them going forward. Our company’s products are backed by physical therapists and can help the quality of life and work for individuals recovering from injury. Every day strain or the burden of repetitive work may be extra risky for these individuals, so a rehabilitative upper-body exoskeleton can help them work more efficiently without fear of exacerbating an injury.

Could Ekso EVO help your industry?

As one of the first companies to develop these exoskeletons, we believe EVO’s innovative design can have a vast impact on many different industries. If you’re reevaluating your company’s business plans, consider how this new acquisition model can offer faster results for your numbers. Rehabilitative tools will reduce the risk of injury, increase endurance and motivation for your employees, and show you care about their overall wellbeing. Fields like manufacturing, construction, and general industrial work could use innovative ways to help workers with overall productivity. We truly believe there are potential benefits for your organization to utilize Ekso Bionics. Stop doing hard work when our ergonomics have produced actual results in multiple field evaluations. We are here to help you reduce the risk of workplace injury and improve the overall effectiveness of the company.